Our primary production facility resides in Livonia, MI.

Specializing in precision metal components and assemblies, we at Davison-Rite have the skills, equipment and facilities to meet all your production needs. We can begin with raw material and turn out completed, assembled and packaged parts or we can handle any number of production stages.

Davison-Rite has earned an enviable reputation throughout the industry. As demonstrated by our client base, we have been recognized for our excellence as a primary automotive supplier and a source of quality parts. We specialize in large production volume, but handle prototypes as well.

We have a complete line of multiple spindle screw machines that range in bar capacity from 9/16" to 3 1/2".  Our Acme Gridleys, Wickmans, and Conamatics are complimented with our Miyano CNC machines.  If you have a complex part that needs to be turned quickly with precision, we have the equipment to suit your needs.
2" Acme Gridley Mutli-Spindle Screw Machine
BND Miyano CNC Machine

Our extensive experience in high volume machining and assembly of precision components enables us to offer advice to customers that results in more cost effective components or assemblies.

Typical examples of the products we produce (or are involved in the manufacturing of) are:

  • Fuel Management Systems
  • Fluid Management Systems
  • Transmission Systems
  • Powertrain Systems
  • Anti-Lock Braking Systems 
  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Chassis Systems
  • Power Steering
  • Seating
  • Ride Control 

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