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Aside from our quality turning operations, the added value we bring to our customers lies within our own premises.  We're not just a single-functional manufacturing facility.  Our secondary operations compliment our primary operations perfectly:
  • Broaching
    We handle all broaching in-house, and manufacture all of our own broaching tools in-house.  This saves you from incurring 3rd party mark-up costs, not to mention unnecessary transportation and handling costs.  Need a job involving a complex broaching operation turned quickly?   We at Davison-Rite have your answer.
  • Centerless Grinding
    We handle all centerless grinding in-house.  Davison-Rite has centerless grinders which permit both automatic end feed and through feed, depending on the nature of the part. These machines can maintain close tolerances, as well as produce a fine micro finish.
  • Injection Molding
    Value-added injection molding (insert-molding, overmolding) handled in-house.  At Davison-Rite, we can mold plastic around any type of metal insert you have.  We mold assemblies out of various PVC, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, and Nylon materials in whatever color you choose.
  • Thread & Spline Rolling
    All thread and spline rolling done in-house.  Davison-Rite maintains equipment for thread cutting, tapping and rolling. The thread rolling equipment, capable of high production rates, forms threads and knurls, and produces a thread that is stronger than one which has been cut.

These value added secondary services are a large reason why we're a preferred single-source supplier to many.  Single sourcing gives you several advantages.  Select Davison-Rite as your single-source supplier, and you'll be void of the various scheduling, delivery, and quality issues that other companies face when dealing with suppliers absent of the capability to handle all of these complex, but necessary operations in-house.  With over 50 years of experience, as well as our prominent, stable, yet growing client base, Davison-Rite is the most reliable single-source supplier available to you.